Terms and Conditions




The following general sale and use terms (“General Terms” as follows) are enforced only on the Italian territory and on all sales accomplished through our web domain www.labireta.com (“website”).
The use of services is allowed to registered users, that is to say to the ones who created an account, viewed the policy on privacy and accepted the stated General Terms.
The Service Provider is Oria Italia Srls, based in Sarzana (SP) at 66 Variante Aurelia Street, POSTAL CODE 19038 and VAT N°/F.C. 01402520116 (“La Bireta” as follows).
The General Terms may be modified and/or integrated at any time, except the user’s right to withdraw as referred to in the following forecasts. It is understood that any changes and/or any new conditions will be applied to orders issued after the Website publication of the forementioned changes.


The website registration is free of charge and authorised exclusively to adults (18 years old) and must be carried out by digiting an email address and a password.
The above credentials must be used solely by the user and cannot be transferred to third parties; each user must register only once and “La Bireta” will reserve the right to cancel all multiple registrations. Should the user discover an improper, abnormal or illegitimate use of his/her personal data, he/she is compelled to inform “La Bireta” at once via email, at the following address info@labireta.com .
The user is solely responsible for accessing the website using his/her registration credentials and must respond in person of any damage and/or discomfort and/or prejudice caused to third parties, “La Bireta” included, due to an improper/illegitimate use of the above mentioned credentials.
“La Bireta” reserves the right to refuse the registration of specific users at their sole discretion; equally “La Bireta” may reject orders which seem abnormal in relation to the quantity of items, object of the same orders, and to the recurrency in time, or rather regarding the use of discount coupons or concerning any suspicious circumstance.
The closing of the purchase agreement is completed to perfection upon respecting the planned procedure and upon receiving the actual payment of the item, object of the order, by the user.


All prices listed inside “La Bireta” Beer website are expressed in Euro/€ and include the cost of the product, containers and packaging, not to mention VAT by law.
The payment of the goods offered for sale may occur through the following procedures:

•    Cash on delivery: The payment takes place at the time of delivery of the goods by cash (cheques are not accepted).
The amount is marked up by € 9,00 as cash on delivery fixed fees;
•    Prepaid bank transfer: contextually to the automatic email confirming the order, the essential data for the bank transfer is being sent so that the latter is issued before the shipping of the goods.
To speed up the delivery times we recommend sending a copy of the transaction via email to info@labireta.com ;
•    PayPal: it is possible to carry out payments with all credit cards usually accepted by PayPal such as: MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express, etc…


The transaction data by credit card payments is not directly dealt with by “La Bireta” Craft Beer, but rather by bank and PayPal circuit servers, which are covered by the strictest international security protocols.


“La Bireta” Craft Beer reserves the right to issue discount coupons and/or coupons and to regulate their use, time by time, providing the related instructions to the user.
“La Bireta” reserves the right to withdraw/cancel discount coupons in case of illegitimate activity perpetrated by the same user. 


Shipping costs, covering all the Italian territory, are equal to € 9,00.
For purchase orders above € 19,00 shipping is free of charge.
“La Bireta” Craft Beer will start the order only after receiving confirmation of the whole payment. The delivery times are roughly 4 to 10 working days from the time when goods are assigned to the courier, islands and locations hard to reach excluded. It is specified that the taking charge of the goods by the courier will occur on the working day following the order or the related payment, where not contextual (for example in case of bank transfer).  
The goods are delivered exclusively all over the Italian territory, to the postal address shown by the user on the order form and strictly on the ground floor.
To track your shipping, when conveying the goods to the courier, an email will be sent to the user. Deliveries will take place from Monday to Friday, during office hours (8.30-17.30), festivities, Bank Holidays, strikes, exceptional particular weather conditions and/or force majeure excluded.
The goods are delivered exclusively all over the Italian territory, to the postal address shown by the user on the order form and strictly on the ground floor.
To track your shipping, when conveying the goods to the courier, an email will be sent to the user. Deliveries will take place from Monday to Friday, during office hours (8.30-17.30), festivities, Bank Holidays, strikes, exceptional particular weather conditions and/or force majeure excluded.
Any suspension of deliveries will be published on this website.
In case of unsuccessful delivery, due to the receiver’s absence at the specified address, the courier will warn the user of this delivery attempt.
After an unsuccessful delivery attempt the parcel will be stored and “La Bireta” will contact the user so that the delivery will take place as soon as possible, with an extra charge of € 9.00 needed to meet further shipping fees, payable with the same method previously undertaken. If, despite this further attempt, the good isn’t delivered, the latter will be sent back to “La Bireta”.
Within fifteen days from the date of re-entering of the product inside “La Bireta” premises the order is considered null and the contract is voided. In this case “La Bireta” will give the difference betweeen the payment received and the shipping fees endorsed by the company, despite failure to deliver, not to mention the ones related to the demurrage by the shipping agent back to the user.
The cancelling of the order, following the termination of the contract, as well as the repayment amount will be communicated to the user by email.
The refund will be carried out by means of bank transfer or voucher, in this latter instance when requested by the user.
The receiver has the duty to check the conditions of the goods delivered; upon receiving parcels showing marks, dents, breakages, tampering and in general any alteration of their integrity, the user has the duty to accept the parcel from the courier with a written specific reservation of checking (for ex. “accepting with some reservations due to damaged parcel, dented parcel, wet parcel, etc.”).
Should any damaged article be found inside the parcel, the user is asked to give written notice, within twenty four hours from the delivery time and via email, to the following address info@labireta.com , attaching at least one picture of the damaged material.
“La Bireta”, upon verifying the existence of the damage, will take action, within five days, towards the repayment of the user throughout issuing a discount voucher equal to the ascertained damage, to be used on the following order.
In the event the parcel is accepted without applying any checking reservation, “La Bireta” won’t be put in the condition to request any repayment from the courier and therefore won’t refund the damaged good to the user.


If, after the order, one or more products are not anylonger available, the user will be informed immediately via email and the purchasing order will be cancelled.
Then the user will be informed about the availability of the missing product/s and will have the right to carry out a new order, should he need so. In case the payment had already been made, “La Bireta” will refund the entire amount paid to the user within seven days starting from the day following the shipping of the order. The repayment will be executed by bank transfer or voucher, in this latter instance when requested by the user.
All items for sale on the website www.labireta.com are available immediately, except for those whose product cards show the writing “not available”, for the latter it is envisaged a delivery time that will be communicated to the user via email.


The products offered for sale on this website comply with the law in force.
“La Bireta” guarantees the fulfillement of all sanitary requirements from the production stage to the stocking of goods by its warehouse, conforming to all sanitary regulations and to HACCP protocol.
The images as well as the colours of the products published might differ from the real ones. All products offered for sale on the website are covered by the Legal Warranty of Conformity as provided by the Consumer Code (c.d. “Legal Warranty”), in favour of consumers who will have to prove the date of purchasing and delivery of the good. In case of cancellation of the contract “La Bireta” will refund the money paid by the user in addition to the shipping fees. Supposing a price reduction, where the conditions subsist, “La Bireta” will refund the reduction price arranged previously with the user; in any case the amount of the refund will be communicated to the user via email and credited by bank transfer. The terms regarding the shipping of goods will be established between the parts. 


Considering the food nature of the goods offered for sale on www.labireta.com , in the sole interest and as regards to safeguarding the consumer’s health, the right of withdrawal, according to the law 59 of the Consumer Code, as modified by the Legislative Decree n.21 of 21/02/14, is not envisaged.


“La Bireta” is undertaking to correct/rectify any errors and/or inaccuracies, that is to say to integrate the description of the products offered for sale on the website as soon as possible, should “La Bireta” receive any written notifications by the users.
The seller is not liable for any kind of damages deriving from the improper use and/or not conformed use of the goods and for whatever reason unconnected with the seller himself.
The liability of “La Bireta” will never however exceed the total price of the purchasing order paid by the user.


“La Bireta” reserves the right to temporarily suspend the sales, therefore the supply of any services connected with the same sales and related to the website in question, without any warning, by merely publishing a warning on the website for the time it deems necessary without this implying any responsibility on their behalf.


The General Conditions are ruled by the Italian law on the matter. For any controversy pertaining the General Conditions the competent place of jurisdiction is the one in La Spezia (SP), registered office of “La Bireta”.