Our original brand originates from an idea, a very simple one: we’re combining three Italian excellences, that it to say craft beer, peculiar places in Italy and the most famous Italian characters.


All our beers are easy to drink and of the highest quality, the latter being constantly monitored and certified. Both our regular customers and whoever we bump into in Italy and across the world reassure us about the goodness of our “Bireta” Craft Beers.



Our goal is for all people to keep on having fun drinking beer together. Beyond taste and quality, over which we invest plenty, we’re aiming at transmitting durable emotions to all our customers thanks to our gorgeous easy to drink “Bireta” Craft Beers.



“Our Bireta Beer” comes to life in 2015, thanks to a very simple idea: joining three Italian excellences, that is to say our craft beer, gorgeous places in Italy and the most famous Italian characters. Our objective consists in matching a fabulous landscape to an excellent Italian craft beer. Thus we’ve decided to specialize in the creation of “Dedicated Beers” devoted to the most amazing, fascinating and suggestive spots that our “Lovelycountry” or “Belpaese” can offer.


We started off by dedicating a different “Bireta Craft Beer” to every single village of the “Cinque Terre’”; this idea has captured the interest of both the retailer and the tourist across the world to such a point that we eventually, at a later stage, thought of creating “The Portovenere Beer”, “The Portofino Beer”, “The Civita di Bagnoregio Beer”, “The Sarzana Beer”, “The Versilia Beer” and “The Flowers Riviera Beer”. And the good news are not over yet. We’re currently working on other projects as ambitious as this one. Regarding the product itself, we’ve produced different types of beer, each one to go with every place envisaged for that particular flavor. Our motto is: “Places to roam, Bireta beers to discover”. Our “Bireta Beers” are “Beers Easy to Drink and Have Fun with”.


Our goal is to match the lightness and easiness of a good drink together, in good company, to the quality of beers produced using traditional craft procedures only: our “Bireta Beer” is a row beer, not pasteurized and refermented inside the bottle. This union, alongside special bottles, whose labels are carefully designed to match every Italian place and character, represents a unique project which we are proud to have launched first.


To this date anyone visiting an Italian worldly renowned village knows that each Bireta beer, dedicated to our beautiful Italian places, not pasteurized and refermented inside the bottle, produced according to safe drinking rules and following outstanding craft beer traditions, can be enjoyed there on the spot and, why not, be taken away too. Our signature beers are simply Friendly, Heart Warming, Determined, Merry, Addicting and, most of all, Too Good to be true.